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      I’ll suspect you landed here because you need more from your website. You need more visitors or more paying customers, and you have decided your website is how you are going to get there. Perhaps you have heard of SEO and what can be achieved, or you have been recommended our Canberra SEO services by one my clients. Either way, your SEO journey starts now. Keep reading, or submit your website to the left, and Ill deliver you a No Obligation website SEO audit, straight to your inbox.

      Why you should choose AJ Media for your SEO

      I am a 100% local Canberra business. You deal directly with me, no waiting around for people in another timezone to answer your questions or act on your requests. Everything I do is with Integrity and honesty, and no bullshit!

      Before you start any SEO campaign, its important to know that this is no quick fix! Search engine optimisation takes time. It can be very complex and there are many variables to consider. Before you think “I need something quicker, Ill pay for Adwords instead” its important to understand that the better your website is optimised, the better your ads will perform. If this sounds like you, AJ Media can do onsite SEO for your website with no ongoing contracts for a once off fee, per page, POA. For this SEO package we will take your existing site and follow best practice to optimise the website structure and content. We will make sure that Google can crawl, understand and index your site for the best possible result. The correct structure for optimum SEO performance cannot be underestimated.

      My SEO package gives you onsite search engine optimisation, off site search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing. Whatever avenues are required to rank your particular business requirement.  I puy my weight behind what I know works best. You are not tied to anything, continue SEO with me month to month – which I’m are sure you will after you see what can be achieved. You can cease at any time, no questions asked.

      Canberra SEO Services

      What’s Included

      • Keywords based on your business model.
      • Onsite Search Engine Optimisation
      • Link Building
      • Content Management
      • Monthly reports


        It can be very hard to explain what goes into a search engine optimisation campaign, it would be like a mechanic telling you every step of your engine rebuild and service.  Unnecessary, confusing and would probably bore you to tears. Although there are a lot of standard steps I take at the ground level, when I start to analyse your competition, keep up with Google Algorithm changes, monitor new technologies or trends, test and see how they perform, things get really interesting. Furthermore, I’m not going to publish knowledge that sets me apart openly on the internet. Just like the old image of an iceberg, with SEO at the top and so much that goes on underneath that has taken me years to learn and master. I start with a selection of main keywords in the SEO package,  start with your services or desired pages and when I nail them, we can discuss adding more. When working with AJ Media, ranking a keyword can take a month, sometimes it can take 6 months. We can never really know how long search engine optimisation will take because of the variables, but these are all taken into account in our SEO audits when we check the landscape and scope out your competition.


      SEO – Canberra’s Effective Search Engine Optimisation

      AJ Media’s Canberra SEO Service is a monthly agreement for a service website or standard business. Elsewhere in Canberra you might be charged 10k for a website before anyone even talks to you about optimising it. AJ Media, can create you a fully optimised website for less than 4k. We have several packages for ongoing search engine optimisation starting at $850 a month. Perhaps you already have a website, we can optimise that no problem at all, no additional costs are involved. You are free to go month to month. Talk to me about including local search as well.  Once we have your commitment we give everything we have across whatever platform suits our objectives to get your business ranking and more organic traffic straight to your door.

      Are you ready to start your SEO Journey – Local Search Engine Optimisation Solutions

      Creating a web presence for your business is an exciting journey, AJ Media keep you involved and engaged in this process all the way. Something I want you to love just as much as I do, really who wouldn’t be? Watching your business grow and your traffic climb and people engage with you, and most importantly, your ROI. Yes, it costs money to invest in a digital strategy, but its time to think about how much a new customer means to you. How many customers would it take to make an investment in SEO worth it to you and your business? Now you’ve got that number in mind, its time to set in motion an SEO plan to get them.

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