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      What is On Page Optimisation?

      There are several on page factors that Google looks at when reviewing the relevance of your website. Think of your web page like a book. When you pick up a book to read, it must have a title, blurb, chapters, page numbers and an index, maybe even a bibliography. If it doesn’t have several of these, you would most likely put it down because you don’t know what the story is about, and you would move onto the next book. Google does the same with your web page. Make sure not to skip over choosing someone for your on page optimisation services.

      On Page Optimisation Services

      On page optimisation should be the foundation of your SEO campaign. Off page efforts will have little to no effect when they are working along side a web page that is not well optimised. On page optimisation should be done before any link building, and can, if done right, get you into the top 10 pages alone, often the top 3.

      How Can AJ Media Help my On Page Optimisation?

      Talk to us about getting your web page readable by google. We do an on-page optimisation services for $350.00 per page. You do not need to do all your pages at once, or at all. Although it helps to have fully optimised site, it is not necessary.

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