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      SEO Prices

      SEO Prices can differ and WILL differ from provider to provider. It comes down to an hourly rate that the SEO requires to fulfil the order. Itemised invoicing will almost never be relevant due to the holistic approach that is often needed.

      As with any service, due diligence is required on your part to get quotes until you arrive at a decision that’s best for your business. Think of what a digital marketing campaign will cost to your business compared to what it will cost you to take no action. Only you will know if this decision is right for you and your business.

      How Much Does SEO Cost?

      AJ Media provide SEO services for $550.00 a month for a Local SEO Campaign or $850.00 per month for an Organic SEO Campaign. These are month to month, you can stop anytime you like. These prices are for Business and Service websites for one geographic location. They do not include National Campaigns or E-Commerce digital marketing campaigns.

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