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      Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

      Search engine optimisation is about getting a website to become more visible in search engines such as Google. By having a well-optimised website that claims to be well-placed in terms of investment, one can get advantages over the competitors. Visible on relevant keywords and phrases means that your visitors find it easier.

      When optimising, it is important to consider

      Website structure “on site”

      Content optimization “on page”

      Links to your page “off page”


      Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about making a website better. By making a correct structure of code and content and improving user-friendliness, an increased chance of a good result is given in the organic hit list (also called SERP).

      Important to keep in mind when optimising your website is what is best for its visitors. E.g. texts, pictures, offers, user-friendliness etc. There is often talk of the importance of top placements in the “organic search”, but a good placement without conversion is not the ultimate. Of course, you want to get results that meet the goals you set.

      Canberra SEO, a cost-effective investment

      Most companies get the clear majority of their visitors from Google. Then the natural choice should be to invest a larger part of its online budget in that place. In fact, in many cases, companies place less on SEO than they should, SEO Marketing is a cost effective and in most cases a more profitable investment than other types of marketing.

      Once you have chosen to optimise your website, you must be aware that it is a long-term investment. Today, competition is tough and it takes time to reach a good result. We usually say that the best seller is a well-optimized website. You may be wondering why?

      The site is always there when a potential customer searches for your products or services

      It can present your entire product / service portfolio

      Works 24 hours / day, seven days / week 365 days / year

      An incredibly affordable marketing channel once it is optimized

      Search engine optimisation, however, cannot fully replace a seller. Relationships are built between individuals. However, SEO can help your salespeople with lead generation (interest submissions, downloaded brochures, etc.) for increased sales. Working with SEO requires a great deal of commitment and is an ongoing process as long as the website lives.

      What are the main reasons for choosing search engine optimisation?

      The conversion rate is high when people actively search for a product or service, therefore it is important to be eligible, if you do not, then you do not exist! Search engine optimization is very cost effective and provides a high ROI compared to most other marketing channels.

      There are many websites that, with fairly simple optimisation, could get many more visitors from Google. They are designed and developed in such a way that the search engines do not judge them as relevant, simply miscalculated.