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      SEO Services

      Canberra SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the structure that is needed on a web page for it to rank high among the results of searches on different search engines.

      The ranking of a web page is done automatically by algorithms and with help and ongoing work, an SEO consultant helps your company maintain those positions. 
      Search Engine Marketing is central to companies that work with digital marketing and the competition is razor-sharp in many industries. 
      Depending on how the competition looks within a specific area and how many similar businesses work actively with SEO, it takes varying hours to optimise and maintain a web page. It is important that the search engine optimisation focuses on the relevance of the search results so that the right target group and audience find the website.


      In order to successfully convert as many visitors as possible to customers on a website, we need and use relevant keywords. We also need to know how the competition looks and, not least, we need to evaluate how much work is required to optimise a website. We follow closely how well the implementations are running out and optimising on an ongoing basis.


      -Number of searches made on a word / search phrase

      Together with the customer, we develop keywords with high relevance to the business. If there are many searches that are done on a relevant keyword, it is of course good, but it can also mean that the competition is great. Therefore, it is important to choose keywords that are compatible with the business and the website so that a relevant target group finds the right one.


      -The customer’s current position for relevant keywords

      -Number of visitors

      -Quality and structure of the website

      To be able to measure our work with SEO, we need to know where we were when we started. By, for example, registering visitor statistics in Google Analytics and developing measurable goals, we can evaluate our work and the improvements that have been made.


      -What results do we want to achieve?

      It is important to have clearly set goals with the work. In Google Analytics for example, we measure how many visitors filled in a contact form, made a direct call from the mobile or visited a certain landing page on the website.


      – Relevant tabs on the home page that takes the user to the respective subpage

      – Defining goal pages for the keywords

      -Recommendations of content on the respective underside and bread text on the home page

      -Titles, headings and meta-description (used in a website’s head to describe the landing page) are examples of measures that are important for the SEO work.

      The structure of the website is crucial for the search optimisation and the cooperation here between us and the customer is important for a successful SEO.


      – Follow-up of implementations

      -Competition analysis (changes)

      – Any recommendations for content changes

      – Any changes to relevant search phrases

      It may happen that the competition changes in the market and the keywords or that the customer changes their business and needs accordingly. We follow up on this and the requirements of the search engines algorithms. We monitor our efforts and make changes if required.


      The idea of ​​links to a website is that appreciated sites are linked to from other sites that think the content is good and relevant. Google rewards websites that are popular and also allows linking power for a website to rank higher. When the link structure is good with relevant links, it facilitates the SEO. Caution is needed for work with links because it can be seen as manipulation of a web site if the linking force is not earned, which then is not compatible with Google’s guidelines.


      – monthly reports

      – Review of work done and future efforts.

      The communication between us and our customers is the most important tool we have for a successful SEO. All improvements are reported and documented and the necessary changes are discussed, verified and implemented in consensus